"… that he will begin to seek and can find that true centre, which is everywhere and nowhere." (N. Sri Ram)

Contact / Route

Address of the Activity Buildings

Besant Hall, Ashrama, Chrystal Hall/House, Lotus House, Library, Chapel

Meentweg 9
1411 GR Naarden


Route by car

Take Motorway A1 between Amsterdam and Amersfoort, exit Bussum/Naarden. Then follow the yellow path on the plan, to the entrance at Meentweg 9.

Route by train

Buy a ticket to station Naarden-Bussum. Go by regular taxi to the ITC (see plan) or by bus (Regioliner 100; from the bus stop at Flevolaan it is a 20 minute walk). You can also rent a bike at the railway station.

Route by plane

The ITC is located approx. 20 km east of Amsterdam, close to the old fortified city of Naarden. Fly into Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. The railway station is under the airport. Buy a ticket to station Naarden-Bussum.

Tips for Navigation Equipment

Some of our visitors experience navigation problems using car navigation equipment. Some versions of TomTom maps are faulty, and other times the error is in the use of the equipment. Here you will find some tips: Some Words on Using Navigation Equipment (Eng./Ned.) Most relevant are:

  1. Most activity buildings at the ITC can be reached via the entrance at Meentweg 9, 1411 GT Naarden. (If you are not sure, try this one!)
  2. Entering the postal code is a more reliable approach to finding the right location than entering the street address. The code of the entrance Meentweg is 1411 GR. The code of the entrance Valkeveenselaan is 1411 GT.


Locations of Entrances (blue) and Buildings (red)



Postal Address

St. Michael’s House, Atelier

The International Theosophical Centre
Valkeveenselaan 19
1411 GT Naarden
The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0)35 – 694 51 21
Booking office +31 (0)35 – 694 81 29
Web address www.itc-naarden.org