"… that he will begin to seek and can find that true centre, which is everywhere and nowhere." (N. Sri Ram)

About the ITC

Aims of the ITC

The International Theosophical Centre (ITC) aims to foster the principle of Universal Brotherhood and Peace under the inspiration of the highest human values, with the will to serve the world and having regard to the Oneness of Life in all living beings.


Role of the ITC

The ITC aims to be an active and inspiring spiritual centre, contributing to the service of the world and the uplifting of mankind in particular. The ITC therefore invites people at the Centre to work on the process of human regeneration through personal transformation.

The core values of the ITC are based on the wholeness of life

  • Human regeneration through personal transformation, based upon a deeper understanding of one’s true nature. This quest for truth involves a particular interest in esoteric wisdom
  • Freedom of thought, which means non-sectarianism, no dogmas. Each one is responsible for his own spiritual path
  • Beauty and Service in activities as well as maintaining the beauty and profound atmosphere of the estate This implies work in harmony with nature.

Daily life

This requires living a respectful and responsible / ethical life, which implies:

  • Selflessness
  • Being creative, open to new spiritual and scientific insights and experiences, all within the framework of the identity and values of the Centre
  • Integrity, respect, acceptance
  • Awareness, non-identification
  • Humour, which is related to non-attachment

The Centre

The International Theosophical Centre aims to foster the principle of Universal Brotherhood and Peace through own spiritual activities and those of third parties. Activities of the Centre itself include lectures, seminars, discourses, meditations, the European School of the Wisdom, as well as activities that support the unity between countries. Several of such activities are organised together with related organisations, such as the Theosophical Society in the Netherlands, and the European Federation of the Theosophical Society. Activities of  third parties need to be in line with the aims of the centre. All activities contribute in their own way, adding their own colour to the aims of the Centre. The Centre is a place which offers Unity in diversity. Moreover: the Centre is a place for people, active in a spiritual environment and atmosphere.

Spiritual background

The Centre is part of the International Theosophical Society. Members of the Theosophical Society can be described as seekers for Truth, in a non-dogmatic way. In line with its philosophy, this implies that it does not have spiritual leaders, or imposed teachings, as each seeker for Thruth is equivalent, and is the creator of, and responsible for, his/ her own spiritual path. Traditional Theosophical literature available, can be used as a point of reference, but is never perceived as a dogma in this search for Truth. Truth, though itself being eternal, always requires new efforts to be expressed in, both by individuals as well as by groups. Such efforts are an integral part of the process in their own right.

The spiritual atmosphere

Being a spiritual centre, the ITC aims to maintain and strengthen its spiritual atmosphere. The on-going activities, taking place at the Centre since 1925, both benefit from, and contribute to this atmosphere. Some elements of this atmosphere are comparable to that experienced with old cathedrals or monasteries, but it has more and deeper dimensions. The atmosphere is helpful/ supportive to those participants open to it. At the same time the Centre is a spiritual community, where persons live and work.

Spiritual work

The spiritual work in the Centre has many different dimensions, which include:

  • The activities in the Centre support the spiritual development of the participants. A silent openness is a pre-condition to get a deeper understanding on the spiritual path. The ultimate aim of this path is Regeneration or Transformation of the mind, and therefore of Mankind.
  • Transformation of the individual has a great influence on the uplifting of mankind as a whole. The human civilisation can only really change for the better through the continued efforts of individuals, both as a living example, as well as through the positive energy, which emanates from their spiritual work.
  • Finally such work has great relevance for the Creation as a whole, in all its different and rich realms.

The spiritual Centre

This process of transformation develops much faster in a spiritual centre than in the outer world. The Centre can be considered as a centre of Light, or Positive Energy, for the world, transforming such to the levels it can be used.

The Centre is therefore a place for study, meditation and service. Such service may well include supporting the Centre itself, to maintain and further vitalise it as a means for generations to come. This can be done alone, during a personal retreat or in groups. Additional value can be added by meeting people in different activities with the same quest for Truth. An open spiritual approach is essential for the spiritual atmosphere of the Centre, and can be described as the main distinct and unique characteristic of the Centre.