"… that he will begin to seek and can find that true centre, which is everywhere and nowhere." (N. Sri Ram)

Day Visitors are Welcome at the Seminar on Mindfulness

June 22nd, 2017 at 15:03

Day visitors are welcome during the Seminar “To Be a Lamp Onto Oneself – Mindfulness: A Gateway to a Spiritual Life” with Fernando de Torrijos, that is 24 and 25 June. Registration in advance is not necessary. Fee per day is € 25 for TS members and € 35 for non-TS members. Only soup will be provided, so remember to take your own sandwiches!

The complete Daily Program is to be found here: Daily Program, or below.

For more information see the Activities Agenda or contact the Seminar Administration:

Email or telephone +31 – (0)35 – 5417118 (Martie Velthuis)

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