"… that he will begin to seek and can find that true centre, which is everywhere and nowhere." (N. Sri Ram)

Seminar and Retreat 2017 on Mindfulness with Fernando de Torrijos

May 5th, 2017 at 16:53

Fernando A. de TorrijosSeminar and Retreat 2017: “To Be a Lamp Onto Oneself – Mindfulness: A Gateway to a Spiritual Life” with Fernando de Torrijos

Organised by: ITC, TVN & EFTS
Language: English
Location: Besant Hall, ITC Naarden
Date: 23-28 June 2017
Seminar part 23-25, Retreat part 26-28 June

Mindfulness means observing our thoughts, our feelings and sensations, as they are, in a non-judgmental way, without reacting or trying to change them. As a result we will become more aware of the present moment, and the spiritual quality of life will increase. More and more people have experienced that mindfulness is also an effective way to relieve stress and pain, and to be able to rise above the consequences of burn-out.

The goal of this seminar and retreat is to experience the living spiritual reality behind mindfulness, and to instruct proper methods. In Buddhism it is considered essential for spiritual growth. Those who are familiar with the Eightfold Path can imagine that.

Participants can join the seminar as well as the retreat, or choose any one of the two parts. (That is, only the seminar or only the retreat.) TS members are entitled to a reduced registration fee. For lodging, you may choose one of four options: a) Crystal House single room, b) Crystal House double room, c) Arundale House double room, or d) camping in your own tent.(!)

Please find here full price information / registration form. More information may be found in the Activities Agenda

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