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Commemorative meeting Radha Burnier

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

On Saturday November 2nd 2013 , a commemorative meeting took place in the Besant Hall of the International Theosophical Centre (ITC) in Naarden on the occasion of  the passing away of Radha  Burnier, 7th President of the Theosophical Society.

The Besant Hall was decorated with her portraits, lighted by candles, and there was a table with the books she wrote. When all members were sitting in silence, a large white candle was lighted by the Chairman of the ITC, the Corresponding Secretary of the EST, and the General Secretary of the Dutch section. After the Universal Mantra of Annie Besant O Hidden Life, and the sentence May our love and gratitude accompany Radha Burnier’s soul on its further journey, there was a moment of silence to commemorate her.

The General Secretary, Els Rijneker, then read messages of condolence, amongst others from the Chairman of the European Federation of the TS, Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu:

A long life of service is interrupted but the spirit of service, which never ends, has inspired and will continue to inspire more mature souls to join and tread the same path. This inspiration will no doubt lead serious individuals towards wisdom which alone can alleviate suffering by bringing understanding… To all brothers and sisters without any distinction – who are in service of the TS objects or who are in tune with its ideals – I wish that the sadness of Radhaji’s physical disappearance would not make us forget her soul’s liberation from earthly limitations.

Then the Chairman of the ITC, Arend Heijbroek; the Corresponding Secretary of the EST; the Representative of the President in the ITC- Council, Elisabeth Raven; Sabine van Osta as the Representative of the Belgian Board (the General Secretary Jan Jelle Keppler himself being in Adyar); some residents of the ITC and a member shared their memories. Thus many aspects of the rich life of Radha Burnier were memorized. Pictures of the President from different stages in her life were shown.

The meeting was ended with the text of H.P. Blavatsky There is a Road, Steep and Thorny  and a moment of silence. It was striking that one of the candles, being lit at the beginning of the meeting, at that moment ended burning: the candle went down, probably because the morning has broken…

Afterwards many participants indicated that they highly appreciated the meeting, which was organised at short notice.

Herdenking Radha Burnier

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Morgenmiddag – zaterdag 2 November – wordt in de Besant Hall op het Internationaal Theosofisch Centrum een bijeenkomst georganiseerd ter herdenking van Radha Burnier, President van de Theosophical Society, President van het ITC. Een aantal sprekers zullen herinneringen ophalen over hun ervaringen met Radha en wat Radha voor hen heeft betekend. Alle leden van de TVN en Vrienden van het ITC zijn van harte uitgenodigd hierbij aanwezig te zijn en stil te staan bij deze belangrijke President. Er is nog ruimte voor meer bijdragen: graag vantevoren even melden.

Om 13.30 is er koffie. Aanvang programma 14.00. Sluiting uiterlijk 16.00.

Els Rijneker, voorzitter Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland
Arend Heijbroek, voorzitter Internationaal Theosofisch Centrum


Video Fam. Selleger

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Home movie of the family Selleger, shot around 1927, with Jiddu Krishnamurti at the Eerde estate, Annie Besant arriving by plane in The Netherlands, and in the Tolstraat, Amsterdam, and images of one of the Starcamps at Ommen. C.W. Leadbeater lecturing. Corrie Dijkgraaf, Koos van der Leeuw and others. The movie is unedited and without sound. The original material is property of the International Theosophical Centre, Naarden, The Netherlands.