"… that he will begin to seek and can find that true centre, which is everywhere and nowhere." (N. Sri Ram)

Impressions of the Centre

February 4th, 2012

  • Entrance Hall of Besant Hall
  • Cottage Inside
  • Ashrama Inside
  • Tara and Companion
  • Cottage Outside
  • Library 2013
  • Afrikaantjes
  • Tara Statue
  • Crystal Hall
  • Driveway
  • Forest Path
  • Crystal Door
  • Garden
  • Old Altar
  • Staircase
  • Besant Hall

Summer Meeting: Beauty and Beyond – The Life and Art of Sulamith Wülfing

July 5th, 2019

Next Sunday afternoon 14 July 2019, Isolde Sueltemeyer will give a presentation on the remarkable life of Sulamith Wülfing. Isolde, who lives in Australia, is staying at the Centre as a guest.

“Innumerable people may have seen a beautiful card or calendar with the exquisite work of Sulamith Wülfing and been deeply touched and impressed by it. But her name is not so well-known and her extraordinary life even less. She was a person of great sensitivity, of course, heralding from a theosophical family in Germany. She lived through the great historical developments and upheavals of the 20th Century, also being persecuted by the Nazi regime, but she continued to express her rich inner life with great fortitude.”

“We will see her life unfold – mirrored in the sheer beauty of her artwork. This presentation includes many rare works, using only reproductions of very high quality. We will witness a life and an art to move and inspire us deeply.”

Organised by ITC
Date Sunday 14 July 2019
Time 14.00 hrs
Location St. Michael’s House
Language English
Fee free donation
Information Manja 035 – 694 01 80

Wijziging parkeersituatie rond ingang Valkeveenselaan

April 10th, 2019

Sinds vandaag 10 april 2019 is de parkeersituatie rond de ingang van het ITC aan de Valkeveenselaan gewijzigd.

  1. Op de Valkeveenselaan is van de brug tot het speelpark een parkeerverbod ingesteld, dat ook voor de bermen geldt.
  2. Enige uitzondering op dit verbod is de parkeerzone bij de Gemeentelijke Begraafplaats Nieuw Valkeveen, waar tussen 9.00 en 17.00 met parkeerschijf maximaal 2 uur lang mag worden geparkeerd, langs de blauwe lijnen.
  3. In de zone mag buiten de genoemde tijden zonder parkeerschijf worden geparkeerd langs de blauwe lijnen. (cf. artikel 25 van het Reglement verkeersregels en verkeerstekens 1990)

Met hurende groepen zijn afspraken gemaakt waar op het terrein van het ITC het best kan worden geparkeerd.

Komt u buiten het verband van een hurende groep voor een afspraak naar het ITC en benadert u het ITC via de ingang aan de Valkeveenselaan, parkeert u dan liefst aan de rotonde aan het einde van de oprijlaan. Dank voor uw medewerking!

Inner Transformation – maandag 15 april 2019

April 8th, 2019

Inner Transformation

Beste Vrienden,

Er is ad hoc een leuke activiteit georganiseerd door Peter Jonkers en Pim Kuiper. U kunt vrij inlopen op maandagmiddag 15 april tussen 13.00 en 17.00, in het ons bekende St. Michael’s House.

In de flyer (tekst ook hieronder) vinden jullie meer informatie. NB: de voertaal is Engels.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Ingmar de Boer.


Monday, 15 April 2019
St. Michael’s House (route), Valkeveenselaan 19, 1411 GT Naarden

“During the month of April Mr. Harshad Parekh, a good friend from India, is again visiting The Netherlands. Harshad has been working for many years as a teacher at the Rishi Valley school near Madanapalle (A.P.), the birth place of J. Krishnamurti. As the opportunity has presented itself, we have invited him to join us in a dialogue on inner transformation, a theme which has again drawn our full attention.”

13.00 Open Door (walk in)
13.15 Arend Heijbroek, chairman ITC: Welcome and introduction dialogue
13.30 Starting dialogue
15.00 Meeting until 17.00 at the latest

    Krishnamurti: “The transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of oneself, because the self is the product and a part of the total process of human existence. To transform oneself, self-knowledge is essential; without knowing what you are, there is no basis for right thought, and without knowing yourself there cannot be transformation. One must know oneself as one is, not as one wishes to be, which is merely an ideal and therefore fictitious, unreal; it is only that which is that can be transformed, not that which you wish to be.

    To know oneself as one is, requires an extraordinary alertness of mind, because what is, is constantly undergoing transformation, change; and to follow it swiftly the mind must not be tethered to any particular dogma or belief, to any particular pattern of action. If you would follow anything, it is no good being tethered. To know yourself, there must be the awareness, the alertness of mind in which there is freedom from all beliefs, from all idealization, because beliefs and ideals only give you a color, perverting true perception.

    If you want to know what you are, you cannot imagine or have belief in something which you are not. If I am greedy, envious, violent, merely having an ideal of non-violence, of non-greed, is of little value… The understanding of what you are, whatever it be – ugly or beautiful, wicked or mischievous – the understanding of what you are, without distortion, is the beginning of virtue. Virtue is essential, for it gives freedom.”

    Bron: The First and Last Freedom. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd. © Krishnamurti Foundation Trust. First published May 1954

Seminar on The Voice of the Silence – 21-25 June 2019

January 31st, 2019

The seminar “The Voice of the Silence, An Insight into the Mystery and Purpose of our Life”, with Martin Leiderman, will give the participants a unique opportunity to reach for a deeper understanding of the basis of The Voice of the Silence (VOS), for the purpose of living and sharing its key ideas. The VOS will be explored in a modern, illustrative and interactive way, expanding and challenging our understanding of it.

The Journey
The approach to The Voice of the Silence will be an integrated one. This means not a line-by-line nor word-by-word approach, from the beginning of the First Fragment to the end of the Third Fragment. The seminar is based on the idea of the Path, taking texts from all three fragments and making a whole of it. In the end most of the texts in the VOS will have been addressed.

The idea is to see ourselves as the Path and on the Path, at the same time trekking alone but with karmic-social responsibilities towards fellow travellers and to nature.

It is a comprehensive understanding and meditation on the Path that will lead us to a better realization of who we are, where we are on the Path, and what barriers and obstacles we face (internal and external). It is a view of how the conscious or unconscious karmic choices we make dictate or affect the life that will lead to the goal. To complement and reinforce what we find in the text of the VOS, there will be references to teachings from other books and articles of H.P. Blavatsky, The Mahatma Letters, and other traditions like Plato, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, amongst others.

For example: in The Book of the Dead we find the soul on its journey to Amenti (Devachan) or to another field leading to union with the Divine (Nirvana). The soul must go through the seven portals (analogous to the seven paramitas) and face obstacles.

The Speaker
Martin Leiderman is an industrial engineer, living in Los Angeles, and working for an electronic avionics company. He is a long-term student of theosophy, as well as a national and international lecturer in Spanish and English. With his wife Susan, Martin holds weekly study groups at their home and participates in the Spanish study group in Los Angeles. Martin is a Board Member of the Krotona Institute of Theosophy.

Seminar: “The Voice of the Silence, An Insight into the Mystery and Purpose of our Life
Organised by: ITC
Language: English
Dates: 21-25 June 2019
Leaflet: download the leaflet (PDF)
Registration form: download the form (Microsoft Word .docx format)

Sacred Places – How to Perceive, Preserve, and Co-Create Them

January 31st, 2019

Sacred Places
LabyrinthMany of us have experienced the calming, peaceful, uplifting character of sacred places, perhaps in a church, a favourite place in nature, or an ancient site of pilgrimage and worship. These are places where it seems that our inner and outer worlds, the soul and body, come together and we feel restored and whole. In this daylong workshop, we will explore the outer characteristics of sacred places, such as the many forms they take, as well as their inner characteristics, the energies and beings that sustain them. We will also learn how to create our own sacred places at home or at work.

The program
Theosophical teachings on subtle planes and beings provide a useful template for understanding the powers latent in sacred places and how to attune ourselves to them. Join Theosophical clairvoyant Kurt Leland in an experiential investigation of our relationship to sacred places and their power to heal and make us whole.

Kurt Leland
A National Lecturer for the Theosophical Society in America, Mr. Leland has published nine books on subjects such as astral projection, the afterlife, the chakras, and the spiritual effects of composing, performing, and listening to music. He is now working on a book about living and working with nature spirits and devas (angels).

Speaker Kurt Leland
Organised by Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland and the ITC
Language English
Date Sunday 2 June 2019
Time 10.00 Arrival and coffee/tea, first lecture starts at 10.30
Location Besant Hall, ITC
Entry Fee TS members EUR 25,- / non-members EUR 35,-
Full information Download the leaflet
Subscription (mandatory) through email or phone 020 – 676 56 72 (wo-za, 13-17 u)
Reading matter (PDF) Interview with Kurt Leland on Latent Powers
Reading matter, translated to Dutch (.docx) Interview met Kurt Leland vertaald

Voorjaarsdag 16 maart 2019: AFGELAST

December 30th, 2018

Ingo de Jong
Helaas kan de geplande voorjaarsdag op 16 maart 2019 over “Het verband tussen Karate-do en theosofie”, door Ingo de Jong niet doorgaan. De spreker is ernstig ziek geworden en herstel zal nog wel een paar maanden kunnen duren. Diegenen die zich al voor deze dag hadden opgegeven krijgen bericht van “evenementen TVN”. We hopen dat Ingo de Jong op een later tijdstip toch naar Naarden kan komen om deze interessante dag te verzorgen.

We hebben inmiddels ook een aantal andere activiteiten op stapel staan waarvoor we u graag verwijzen naar de Activities Agenda